Thursday, December 30, 2010

quick card o' dee day

for a friend who is going to a baby shower...the background papers and birdie are from a super cool basic grey collection called "kioshi." the baby letters are graphic 45, and the three large colored circles are cut from lutradur painted with inktense pencils.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

going like hotcakes!

made another batch of earrings for my coworkers - they're all getting scooped up for quick and easy gifties - i sure hope the women who get them enjoy them! i'm particularly fond of the long rolled paper beads in the lower left corner.

Monday, December 13, 2010

a girlie christmas

my coworker asked me to make a couple special christmas cards for her two granddaughters. i went for the sparkly winter theme. both the ice skate and snowflake embellishments were trimmed out from my stash of recycled cards. the backgrounds are "fairy frost" fabric from michael miller. bling!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

a thank-you for my secret santa

at our office holiday luncheon last week, we celebrated with a secret santa gift exchange. our sales manager, sandy, had drawn my name. she knows i am an artist and a crafter, so she headed to the mixed media aisle at our local art store to shop.

now...sandy's not so much into these kinds of creative pursuits herself...she said she was totally flummoxed by all the different products and couldn't decide what to buy. a couple of our craftier co-workers helped her choose things in the end, reassuring her that she doesn't need to know what to do with it herself to know that i will love it!

she selected three large sheets of gorgeous collage papers, some decorative brads, postage stamp embellishments, hinge clips, and rub-ons of great words like "adventure." everything was fabulous, she could not have picked more perfect treats for me.

so it only made sense for me to use a little of everything she gave me to make this thank-you card for her. now she will know what we do with this stuff!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

santa's workshop

a few of my co-workers have asked me to make a batch of earrings so they can buy some stocking-stuffers for their i am spending the day blissfully buried in beads!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

more with the mini shadowbox

this past tuesday, i was a guest demonstrator on my friend andrea's show, "craftastic live!" well, actually my alter craft ego, hazel q. flipwater, was the guest, lol. andrea and i sure love being silly together, you'd think we were both 10 years old. click here for the replay link - some great craft demos and lots of laughs!

i showed everyone how to make another version of a mini shadowbox ornament. it's super quick to paint with stamp pad inks. this one is a blend of purple and pumpkin colors. i curved some thick gold wire into a spiral and attached it to the back, then adhered my little picture on it so it floats whimsically in the middle of the box.

earlier that same evening, i was visiting in the charity wings chat room with another creative friend, laura bray. we were all talking about how we weren't so into traditional scrapbooking, but that other kinds of memory crafts with photos are really fun to make. i'll be hanging this little box on my wall at work to remind me how happy my brother was when he got to meet mickey.

Monday, December 06, 2010

mini shadowbox ornament

join me (and my crazy alter ego, hazel q. flipwater, lol) on andrea currie's craftastic live web show on tuesday night (dec 7) at 7:00pm pt (10pm et).

i will show you how easy it is to make this super cute ornament for your family tree, using my favorite mini shadowboxes.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

distressed zebra

i experimented with white embossing powder on a black paper maché box...did some rough striping, then coated it with glossy pouring medium. the top is grungeboard painted with iridescent white, then accented with black metallic dots and a white plaster flower that i edged in black.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

more fun cards

all the same design, just lots of different combos of colors and patterns!

Friday, December 03, 2010

cards cards cards

making a bunch of art cards to sell at a holiday boutique...i start with handpainted backgrounds that i make for artist trading cards. then i layer them together with some coordinating papers, images and embellishments to make a greeting card. i love the process of finding different things in my stash that look interesting together.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

jingle blocks

i'm making lots of little things to sell at an xmas boutique next weekend. these ornaments are made with blank board blocks that come in three sizes. 

1. to decorate a 1-1/2" block - cut a strip of paper to 1-3/8"x 6-1/2".

2. center and wrap the strip around the sides of the block, adhering the paper to each panel by brushing a thin coat of mod podge.

3. use a craft drill or a japanese screw punch to make a small hole in the top and bottom panels (these boxes are smooth illustration board on the outside, with a layer of corrugated underneath for rigidity, and hollow inside).

4. cut two 1-3/8" squares of paper and adhere one to the top, one to the bottom, allow block to dry.

5. use a pencil or skewer to poke through the paper on the top and bottom (drilling the holes before covering the top and bottom prevents the paper from tearing)

6. brush a thin coat of mod podge on all sides to seal the paper. sprinkle a little white or clear glitter on top while wet, allow to dry.

7. apply a line of distress stickles (i used rock candy) or other clear glitter glue along the top edge, in between the paper seams where there is a little of the white block showing. allow to dry, then turn over and repeat on the bottom edge, allow to dry.

8. cut a piece of beading wire (i used 24 gauge gold) to approximately 15' long. thread a jingle bell to the center and pinch the wire in close to the bell, folding the length of wire in half.

9. poke the double strand of wire into the hole in the bottom of the block and guide it up through the top hole, bringing the bell flush to the block.

10. thread a few beads on to the wire at the top, then use round-nose beading pliers to twist a couple loops in the wire just above the beads to secure.

11. shape the remaining wire at the top into a curve for a hook, adding loops with the pliers to give the hook more stability.

these little blocks give you lots of options for showing off pretty holiday papers and can even glue little photos of the kiddies on the sides.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

pretty box

this is a 4.5" round, black paper maché box that i coated with iridescent medium, then stamped with black ink. i strung beads on wire and glued the strand with silver ribbon around the base. the knob on the lid is a glass xmas ornament - turned upside down, recessed and glued into a hole in the lid.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

collin and his country cottage

i'm head over heels for this new book - fanciful felties from mummysam.

i want to make all the characters and hang them on a tree for christmas. i adapted the author's instructions a bit, I'm using all felt scraps and i'm stitching on the outside.

her hand-drawn patterns are beyond adorable - this is collin and his country cottage. each one took just a few hours to make - some hand-stitching and some machine stitching.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

quickest little box in the west

last night on cool2craft, i showed my shortcuts for staining and embellishing a cute little wooden box (it was from walnut hollow, but i think it's discontinued). this box comes unstained - i just spritzed it all over with memories mist spray ink (pale ale color) to give it a nice warm caramel color.

i made mosaic tiles with cool2cast plaster (so quick and easy!) then dabbed them with a couple colors of adirondack alcohol inks. four tiles fit perfectly inside the recessed lid with just a little hot glue. easy peasy!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

i see santa

last week on cool2craft, i showed how to recycle christmas cards from past years to make this cute little windowpane are the instructions:

1. choose a scenic card - either an indoor or outdoor view (do you want to peek in or peek out?) - trim it down to fit within the front of whatever blank folded foundation card stock you like.

2. use a square punch to diecut a series of squares into a piece of colored cardstock to look like a windowpane - whatever size and configuration of panes best frames your scene - trim your windowpane to just a bit larger than your scenic card.

3. cut small triangles of ultralight lutradur to fit in the corners of a few panes and glue to the back side...snowdrifts!

4. trim out accent images from other cards - use outdoor things like birdhouses and flowers if your window is peeking inside, or use indoor things like a stuffed toy or a gift box if your window is peeking outside.

5. distress your windowpane with rough, random swipes of ink or glitter glue, and/or embellish with metallic dots, if desired.

6. adhere your accent images to the front of your windowpane using dimensional foam tape or glue dots.

7. adhere your windowpane to the scenic card using dimensional foam tape or glue dots.

8. center and adhere your layered windowpane scene to the front of your folded foundation card with your paper adhesive.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

what mood are you in?

tonight on cool2craft, i demoed this cute "mood doll" using a mini board book for the body and fantastiques paper dolls. i was inspired by another project in the book, board book play, that debra cooper made.

inside each spread of pages is a body (the popcorn, stop sign, tin can) attached on the left with velcro, and the head and limbs attached on the right with brads. there is also a piece of velcro on the front cover. depending on how you are feeling, you swing out the paper doll that suits your mood. i put a magnet on the back cover so it can hang on the fridge or a file cabinet at work.

we have the jester for feeling happy, the sumo for feeling angry, and the skeleton for feeling dead tired at the end of a long day. so easy to for kids and grown-ups too!

Monday, October 18, 2010

thinking ahead to the holidays

today on cool2craft, i showed my spin on an idea for turning a mini board book into a holiday ornament that doubles as a greeting card.

i was originally inspired by dena coe's project in the book, board book play.

it's a perfect gift for anyone on your list!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

fabric card

tonight on cool2craft, i hosted and demo-ed monoprinting on fabric. my samples that i prepped before the show turned out better than what i did on camera...but i kind of expected have to work quickly with just the right amount of paint to release a successful print. hard to do while talking at the same time!

so here's one of the panels i printed, wrapped around a piece of cardstock and adhered to a card - i think this turned out really cute!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

poor bloggy

my blog has been sooooo neglected. i place the blame squarely on the new fall line-up on tv!

anyway, last week on the cool2craft pj party, i demo-ed this "millefiori" technique for making needlefelted beads. i learned it from the book, fast, fun & easy needlefelting. it is indeed easy and fun! i made a little bracelet for mon ami with the purple and pink beads.

now what to do with the red, cream and purple beads?

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

time for a little cuppycake

tonight on cool2craft, i demo-ed a quickie needlefelting project - a doodley cupcake using yarn and roving on a felt foundation. it was super fast and easy to felt, cut out, then glue to some cardstock to make a cute birthday card.

click here to watch the webisode, there were lots of other super cool demos too - a spraypaint tie-dye teeshirt, embossed metal sheets, and handpainted collage papers. i love cool2craft, we get to be silly and i always learn something new!

Monday, September 06, 2010

fabric notebook cover

today on cool2craft, i showed how to make this notebook cover out of timtex - layered with paper, fabric, and lace. it's inspired by the techniques i learned in the book fabric art collage.

i used the wide lace (which was white to start) as a stencil to create the pattern on the sides - spritzed with spray ink. that process dyed the lace the same color at the same time - a twofer!

i tapped the mermaid image on to two layers at once - organza on top of muslin. that way i got the color of the muslin behind the image, plus the shine of the organza, and the transfer process basically adhered the two layers together....magic!

after stitching down my mermaid to my layers of gold silk and gold paper, i added some ribbons on top of the lace, stitched that down and wrapped it all around to the back, adhering with some fabric glue. then i had fun burning a little design all around the edges with my textile tool.

i added an embellishment and it's ready to be glued to sheet of cardboard, then bound with papers into a notebook. you could also just glue it to a regular notebook from the office supply store.

here's an alternate design with a brighter color - i haven't stitched it down yet. i transferred the mermaid to lutradur instead of muslin.

and here's the replay link to the cool2craft episode - check it out!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

crafting it forward

these are some more of the handpainted greeting cards i made for the craft it forward movement on facebook.

i always keep my papers from painting demos that i give, complete with splatters and experimental brush strokes and color blends. i also use up any leftover paint from projects by painting random patterns on scraps of watercolor paper and cardstock. no paint ever goes to waste!
then whenever i need a nice background paper for an atc or greeting card, i have lots to work with. by cropping "scrap paintings" into smaller sections and adding a little embellishment, i am often pleasantly surprised with the designs that emerge!

Friday, September 03, 2010

a single strand of yarn

this was a fun needlefelted piece i did as part of a product review article i wrote. the product i was working with and reviewing were the cute little charms; they were perfect embellishments.

wool yarn is great for needlefelting outlines like this. it was really fun to just grab a skein of yellow yarn and start doodling randomly on my piece of black felt....but i challenged myself to create the whole design with one long continuous strand—no cutting.

after my doodle was all punched into place, i added a variety of brightly colored embroidery stitches and then stitched the charms on with a bit of black thread.

this piece just makes me happy, it looks so cheerful to it hangs right near my computer in my studio.

can you tell where the strand starts and stops? click here for the answer!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

easy photo frames

tonight on cool2craft, i showed some of the pages of my little tag book...and how to make super easy photo frames from cardstock for each page.

i think these make great gifts, you can create these cute little albums and let your recipient fill them up with photos and journaling. decorate the right side pages with papers and frames, and leave the left side pages open for writing. these blank board books are really high quality, and they're on sale right now for only $3.95 each!

top left - glue small triangles in the corners, just around the outer edges so you can slip the corner of a photo inside, then anchor it with a little glue dot.

top right - punch a couple small holes and string ribbon through them and around the sides, then slide a photo under the ribbon and anchor with a glue dot.

bottom left - use your favorite corner punch - this one i used has 4 slots which allows for different sizes of photos to be tucked inside. leave the top of the cardstock unglued at the top so you can slide the photo inside.

bottom right - cut a random shape in the center with an exacto blade, but leave a small section uncut so you can flip up the flap to reveal a photo underneath.

have fun making these!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

i love a good shortcut

i am all about the shortcuts...if I can't start and finish a project that sparks in my head within one or two sittings, chances are it won't get done at all.

i have a love/hate relationship with fabric. it's like candy, it's beautiful, i love to buy it and i want really badly to work with it more in quiltmaking and fiber art. but i'm soooo not fond of all the cutting and piecing and trying to get perfect seams and points. nor do i enjoy the measuring or pattern-following so much. i have made a couple small wall quilts and one day i really want to make a bed quilt...we shall see.

i do like stitching in general though, and my cheap little singer sewing machine has served me quite well with its whopping two stitch styles, straight or zigzag. i finally figured out that i like doing fabric collage with raw-edge machine appliqué. i like the thready edges of the pieces and the ease of placing pieces on a foundation.

i used a dresden plate template to cut the batik fabrics for this piece that is still in progress...i really want to finish this one!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

tag book

tomorrow i am co-hosting an all-day charity crop that benefits a local elementary school. i'll be teaching two classes for attendees, many of whom are parents of the school kids and they have never scrapbooked before.

since i am not much of a 12x12 layout type gal, this cute little tag book will be their project in my "scrap 101" class. it's a 5x7 tag-shaped board book - covered with cute papers, ribbons and simple embellishments.

we'll discuss how to organize photos into a group that tells a story, choosing papers and embellishments, and writing journal entries. it should be really fun!

Monday, August 16, 2010

photo cube ornament

today on cool2craft, i demo-ed how to make this ornament using a blank board block. i chose vintage clip art pics, but these would be so cute with family pics, hanging on doorknobs, lamp switches, or on the christmas tree.
it's easy to make...i think the secret is in the paper selection and a wavy cutting blade, that's what makes it look extra pretty. i use a lot of scrapbook paper, but i think some the most beautiful papers are the sheets from india, thailand, etc. that you can get in the art supply store.

click here to watch my demo along with the rest of a very fun and creative show!

i will be teaching this project this saturday, august 21st at a charity crop in richmond, california. all are welcome - click here for more event details!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

sponging and stenciling

lately cosmetic sponges have been my go-to tools for painting...i love the subtle texture they impart and the rectangular shape. they're great for blending colors too. for this atc, i just picked up both colors at the same time and started dabbing them on to my card stock.

after it was dry, i laid a flower template on top and spritzed some iridescent ink spray over it for a little extra texture and sparkle.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

ATC workshop

here are the three styles of atc's that I'll be showing folks how to make at my workshop at the supershow this friday...

- paint-striping and scraping

- paper and lutradur collaged with iridescent medium

- stencil and stitch on timtex

it's going to be a fun workshop! I'll post more details on the how-to in my next newsletter after the show.