Saturday, November 28, 2015

Etched glass vase for the holidays

etched glass christmas tree vase lisa fulmer

This 11" tall glass brick vase was just crying for a little holiday touch. Because it's so tall and narrow, I thought a simple triangle-shaped Christmas tree would look nice and modern.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Turn an upcycled glass candle holder into a painted planter for succulents

desktop succulent planter lisa fulmer

Once the deliciously fragrant candle was gone from inside this 4" red cylindrical glass candle holder, I thought it would be nice for some kind of holiday decoration. I don't have houseplants, but I do like a small desktop plant, so I chose some succulents to put in this little red glass pot.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Altered sketchbook cover

altered journal cover lisa fulmer

One of my favorite favorite projects!! I recently altered my plain black sketchbook cover to make it more beautiful to have sitting out on the coffee table, ready for me to write and draw anytime. Layering a variety of contrasting surfaces and textures in the same color family is something I really enjoy doing. Simple construction that really pops!

Click here for my tutorial on the FaveCrafts blog.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Miniature clay cornucopia for Thanksgiving

miniature clay cornucopia thanksgiving lisa fulmer

This colorful miniature cornucopia is only about 5" long. Made with air-dry clay, it looks super cute by itself as part of a Thanksgiving table setting, plus it doubles as a holder for a small menu or place card. 

I have a good friend who delights in making miniatures for doll houses and boxed displays. Once I started working with Activa Products, manufacturer of clays and molding materials, I thought I might like to try making a mini something. 

My eyes and fingers couldn't quite work at the traditional 1/12th scale that most miniaturists prefer, but believe me when I tell you, making a cluster of grapes that were each about the size of half a TicTac was challenging enough, lol.

Friday, November 06, 2015

Handmade Holidays blog hop and giveaway!

puppy placemat lisa fulmer

I'm happy to be part of the 5th Annual Handmade Holidays blog hop - so many talented crafters, bloggers and designers have come together to share great ideas for handmade gifts. So skip the mall and create something wonderful!

Monday, November 02, 2015

Black and white handmade gift basket

black and white handmade gift basket lisa fulmer
When it comes to handmade gifts, my family has probably had their fill from me, lol. We all have sooo much stuff, nobody really needs anything. This is where baked goods and other consumables come in handy - but don't buy the pre-fab shrink-wrapped boxes filled with preservative-laden shelf-stable cheeses and sausages. Instead you can fill a lovingly handcrafted gift basket with something you baked yourself - or how about natural candied almonds from the local farmer's market? Yum!

This month, the Designer Crafts Connection is showing off lots of great ideas for handmade gifts. 

I refashioned the Halloween paper pot I made last month into an all-purpose black and white gift basket. After removing the orange embellishments, I touched up the pot with a little more black paint and reinforced all the seams with gaffer tape, inside and out. This will give it longer life and make it much more useful for the recipient to display or even regift later.

reinforce paper pot with gaffer tape lisa fulmer

I adhered the concentric paper circles to each panel and embellished with a bit of bling. I placed a bag of gourmet treats inside and it's ready to give any time of year.