Saturday, July 30, 2011

a little origami

we tested our paper folding skills the other night, i haven't done origami in years. a tulip, a pinwheel, a seagull, and a party hat. it was fun - for the party hat i crinkled the paper first, i like the texture a lot.

click the pic to zoom in.

august 5 is the deadline if you want to participate in my july atc swap - all the details are on the atc swap link at the top of the blog here.  the theme is spark!

check out the fun we had with the june swap...all are welcome to join in the fun each month.

Friday, July 29, 2011

birds, birds, birds!

artists names - clockwise from upper left: tarri. vanne, cathy, liz, vanne

here are the wonderful bird-themed atcs i received in my swap last night  - click the pic to zoom in.

the most fun part of our monthly swaps for me (besides all the eating and chatting) is telling each other exactly how we made our cards. i always come away with a greater appreciation for everyone's creative efforts, as well as ideas for new techniques or materials after hearing their experiences.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

atc club tonight

my poor neglected bloggy, it has been weeks! anyway, tonight was my monthly local atc group get together. mmm, we ate sushi, and mozzarella sticks, and fruit salad, and chips, and chocolate, and cookies...oh, um and yes, right, we swapped atcs too!

our july theme was birds. i used these gorgeous handpainted papers that my friend lisa gave me because her wonderful brush strokes felt feathery to me. I sliced them up and glued them down to my white foundation card with the cracks showing. then i stamped this southwest-style "mimbreƱo chicken" image on top and heat-embossed it with white embossing powder. i like how the cracks almost look like there are wires of a cage or fence on top of the bird. click the pic to zoom in.

we also got an origami lesson from liz - we each take turns teaching the group something new. we made cute folded hats, seagulls, pinwheels, and tulips. we're skipping our august meeting to accomodate vacations, then our theme for september will be...origami!

tomorrow i'll share the other bird atcs i got from the group.

Monday, July 04, 2011

dreamy texture & color

my sweet friend, miss lisa morris, just sent me some of her gorgeous hand-painted atc papers and i am simply swooning over them! click the pic to zoom in.

here's an atc i made with one of the papers...let your wings unfold...for my swap last month, the theme was "june bug."

the july theme is posted here on the blog - click the atc swap tab at the top. swap with us!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

a little book of paris

here is the incredibly wonderful book i received from valerie in germany.

it is about 3"x4" with 13 two-sided pages inside. some pages are tag-shaped with ties on top, some have little pockets.

all the pages are stamped and collaged and full of delicious little distressed details.

it's just soooo delightful, i could just flip through it all day. here are some of the page spreads.

Vielen dank, valerie!!!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

a little book of birds

i recently did a mini book swap with a very talented mixed media artist in germany, valerie-jael tups. i met her through blogging; we both enjoy the paint party friday blog.

she told me she liked birds, and i told her i liked those were the themes we used for each other's books. today i am sharing the book i made for her...tomorrow i will show you the book she made for me and whoa nelly!!!! does her work ever put mine to shame, lol! :-D

i began with a 3" black blank board book and adhered painted, stamped, and other scrapbooky papers to each page. the cover title is french for "birds."

on the right, i used a dip pen to outline and drip acrylic ink into wet glossy accents medium

the paper on the left has flower petals embedded which i enhanced with inks

the paper on the right has leaves embedded in it

i found this chinese proverb, printed it out on a strip and cut it into bits, and adhered a piece of the quote on to each page, to turn it into a little storybook. i like the reminds me of how i feel about creating art and craft...enjoy the process without being too worried about the results...also known as enjoying the journey as much as the destination.