Sunday, July 29, 2012

inspired by craft wars: o christmas tree

i loved margot's bright dr. suess-y tree on last week's episode. who says christmas has to be red and green? certainly not me.

this is an easy ornament to make with paper and beads in any size - mine here is about 9" long. you could string a bunch together like little paper lanterns on a garland, that would be super cute.

cut 3 concentric circles from cardstock. score each circle into 8 even wedges with 4 intersecting lines, then fold and pinch the sections in opposite directions on the lines to create a zig-zaggy bell shape.

string each bell on to wire, using a cut piece of a drinking straw in between each bell as a spacer. String beads at the top and bottom, and embellish as desired.

coil the end of the wire at the bottom, and twist the wire at the top into a loop for hanging.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

just breathe - paper collage

in chinese culture, bamboo symbolizes integrity and an open heart, two characteristics I value deeply in myself and in others.

for this 11"x15" collage, i layered handmade art papers on top of heat-distressed lutradur. i cut the leaves from patterned batik paper and accented their white outlines with mod podge dimensional magic. i love how the glossy edges contrast with all the rougher textures. the background stencil is one of my faves from the crafter's workshop.

Monday, July 23, 2012

inspired by craft wars: keepsake box

for the pop craft in last week's episode, andrea and i had to make a child's keepsake box. this week i decided to make a keepsake box for myself, starting with a plain wood box. i stained it with a denim color wash, inside and out. then i glued a placard on top with the judge's favorite....felt! i fused angelina fibers to the top of the felt for sparkle.

for the master craft, we were given just 5 hours to create a structure of some sort for a wedding, and it had to include all the challenge materials—denim, flannel blankets, candlesticks, and paper invitations. yikes! that was crazy, but we did it...we made a wishing tree and we won!

to embellish the top of my box, i made two different styles of flowers with folded strips of denim. i used a fabric stiffening spray to curl a couple petals, then spritzed them all with gold glitter fabric paint. i rolled thinner strips of brown flannel for the buds and glued them in the centers, highlighted with some blue ink, glitter glue, and rhinestones. then i tucked in some leaves i made from air-dry polymer clay.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

atc club - birth month

this month, my atc group made cards to reflect their birth months. mine is july, so i used a background paper and a stamp to convey the hot summer sun, with dry grasses and only a hint of spring flowers left. the red holographic paper reminds me of rubies, the july gemstone. the leaf is cut from a paint skin i made with acrylic ink and glass bead medium.

here are the lovely atc's i received - top row: june from donna (wedding theme with a pic of her grandparents), february from liz (hearts and a jacaronda flower), december from tarri (born near christmas day, she was sent home from the hospital swaddled inside a satin stocking).

bottom row: may from cathy (emeralds and a lily) and march from uni (under the foggy overlay are raindrops and the lyrics to "the ants go marching 3x3, hurrah, hurrah, the little one stopped to climb a tree...")

Sunday, July 15, 2012

inspired by craft wars—doggy toy box

last week on craft wars, the pop craft challenge was to make a kid's toy box and the master craft challenge was to make a pet mansion. i have a 5-month old puppy who has a boatload of toys and after watching the show, i was inspired to gussy up one of my plain blue fabric storage totes for her stuff.

i used fusible web to collage scraps of bright geometric prints on each side, wrapping the fabrics around two opposite corners. then i glued wide blue ribbon on the other two opposite corners to cover the raw edges of the fabric. i glued blue cord at the top and bottom edges, then finished it off with some fun little buttons in random spots.

my pup is only 5 pounds, so her toy box is big enough to be her mansion, too!

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then on wednesday, 7/18 at 5pm pt (8pm et) head over here to nikki's blog for a live webchat with crafters all over the country to talk about our (gulp) episode! andrea and i will pop in to chat with y'all too, so please be gentle... :-)

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Monday, July 09, 2012

inspired by craft wars—junk drawer bird feeder

several of us from craft wars are making projects each week that are inspired by the previous episode. so last week's pop craft challenge on the show was to make a birdhouse incorporating household items from your kitchen junk drawer. i bought this cute little wood container for a buck from a garage sale that i thought had somewhat of a birdhouse shape, so i decided to alter it into a bird feeder. 

i remembered something the judges said about how sometimes less is more, plus i really liked the natural shade of the wood. i'll be interested to see how it naturally weathers outdoors, so i opted not to coat or paint it with any color or sealers.

here's some the stuff i pulled from my junk drawer to see if i could use i grabbed some dowels and clothespins from the garage. my favorite australian wine has the rubber corks which i think are perfect for an outdoor application!

i colored paper clips with alcohol inks and adhered them to the sides like a little fence, using waterproof heavy-duty craft glue. i loved the idea we saw on the show of deconstructing the giant clothespins—so i tried it with normal clothespins. they kind of look of crown moulding, don't you think? don't look too close though, you'll see some nasty glue strings that the judges apparently dock you points for, lol. 

inside i glued a base of corks and paper clips - this will hold a pinecone that you roll in peanut butter and then coat with birdseed. i created perches with the dowels, then added the clothespins at the top to block off the center of the handle so it will hang straight on my tall shepherd's hook outside in the garden.

super fun to make - we'll see how it works! have a look at more projects below made by some of my fellow craft wars vets - and join our twitter party each week during the show! tuesday nights on tlc at 7pm pacific, 9pm central, 10pm eastern. viewers are using #craftwars and the contestants are using #craftwarsvets. tah-weeeet!