Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Holiday ornaments with Smoothfoam and The Robin's Nest

paper christmas ornaments lisa fulmer
Today the Designer Crafts Connection is having some fun with Christmas in July, using Smoothfoam shapes along with holiday papers and Dew Drops from The Robin's Nest.

I made two paper ornaments, inspired by another designer's tutorial that I found online. For the round one, I punched several 2-1/2" circles to score and glue together. I rimmed the edges with a gold pen and glued red diamond Dew Drops along the edges. I glued a loop of wired trim inside the center for hanging.

For the teardrop, I trimmed out the shapes, then punched dragonflies in the centers. After scoring and folding each teardrop, I alternated the two sides of paper when gluing. I pushed a skewer through a 1" Smoothfoam ball to convert it into a bead, painted it gold and glued clear diamond Dew Drops around it.

After threading a folded length of wire down the center of the ornament (leaving the folded end at the top as a loop for hanging), I added the Smoothfoam bead to the bottom piece of wire, coiled the ends to secure, tied a ribbon at the top and added a hook.
smoothfoam bead paper christmas ornament

I don't usually put up a Christmas tree anymore, but I do like to display a few of my favorite ornaments on the coffee table at holiday time. A decorated Smoothfoam cube with a shepherd's hook (made from flat floral wire) inserted off-center is a perfect ornament holder. Glue a few pennies or washers to the bottom to weight the cube after painting it. I added a couple fleur de lys diecuts from red glitter cardstock.

painted smoothfoam cube fleur de lys

GIVEAWAY! To enter to win, just leave a comment on any blog(s) in the hop. The prize is a lovely selection of products from The Robin's Nest and Smoothfoam, valued at $85.00 (available to ship within the US only). Visit the DCC blog to hop through everyone's links and good luck! Deadline to enter is July 28th.

smoothfoam robins nest christmas blog hop

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Upcycle old necklaces into new bracelets

upcycled bead bracelet

I took apart some of my aunt's and mom's beaded necklaces and made them into a trio of cute little bracelets. Click here for the full tutorial on the Craft Paper Scissors blog.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Natural wood desk set

natural bass wood desk set

Last month I made this two-piece desk set with natural bass wood rounds for the Walnut Hollow blog. It was super quick and easy - makes a nice guy gift! Click here for the full tutorial.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Burlap and seashell wall clock

burlap shell smoothfoam wall clock

Here's my latest #craftyourstash tutorial for the Bella Crafts Quarterly blog - it's a 16" round wall clock made with a Smoothfoam disc. It's totally beachin' man!

Click here for the full tutorial.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Paper maché surfboard treasure box

paper mache surfboard treaure box lisa fulmer

I had a little more fun with the surfboard theme - this time I used CelluClay to mold a treasure box and lid in the shape of a surfboard. CelluClay is kind of like working with paper maché - only instead of wet messy paper strips and glue that you have to wrap over some kind of armature, this is a paper powder that you mix with water to make a type of air-dry clay. It has a texture like oatmeal, but you can work with it to create lots of shapes and it has a nice rigidity when it's dry.

Instead of painting my paper maché surfboard treasure box, I decided to wrap it with a couple different fun and summery printed duct tapes. Click here for my full tutorial - and ride those crafty waves!

Monday, July 06, 2015

Origami paper box for traveling

origami paper box lisa fulmer

It's first Monday - time for a new blog hop with the Designer Crafts Connection! This month our theme is vacation crafts. Instead of creating something to commemorate a vacation I took, I decided to make something that is super handy for traveling.

A origami paper box is really easy to make with a pretty piece of lightweight scrapbook paper - a 12x12 sheet yields a 4x4 box. Instructions for origami shapes are easy to find online - here is the tutorial I used. I also cut a 4" square piece of cardstock to line the inside of the box and keep the flaps down - no need to use any adhesive unless you plan to toss the box when your vacation is over.

origami paper box folding

Packing a few of these little boxes make it easier to treat your hotel room more like home. Use one on the nightstand for your jewelry or spare change, put one on the bathroom counter for small essentials like tweezers and q-tips that tend to fall to the bottom of your toiletry travel tote. This origami paper box is also perfect on the desk for holding business cards and receipts you collect during business travel.

origami paper box folded flat

Follow the instructions to make each box before your trip, then unfold two sides and flatten for packing - handy!

Look for the DCC logo on the sidebar of our blogs to enjoy the hopping and see what kinds of travel crafts everyone else has made.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

New life for an old vase with glass etching

glass etching on vase

There's probably several old vases or a set of tired glassware somewhere in your house - make them look like new again with etchall® Glass Etching Créme.

Click here for my tutorial on the Craft Paper Scissors blog - it's quick and easy to do, with great results every time.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Make your own mini Teen Choice Award with air-dry clay

The good folks at Activa Products were looking for ideas for good teen crafts - and nothing says teen to me like the Teen Choice Awards! Of course, their surfboard award is full-size - but how fun to create your own mini version?

I designed this bright surfboard trophy - it stands about 10" tall and would look great on your desk or bookshelf.

I used Activa Plus Air-Dry Clay, Americana Acrylic Paints and DecoArt Triple-Thick Gloss Glaze.

Click here for my full tutorial on the Activa blog!

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Make a marbleized treasure box

marbleize smooth surface with alcohol inks

This is one of my all-time favorite techniques to use on smooth surfaces like coated papers, acetate or plastic. Alcohol inks have a funny way of spreading out when they touch a non-porous surface - the ink moves like a little amoeba while it's still wet. Then it dries so quickly in the air, that it leaves a hard line where it stops moving. You can manipulate the ink while it's moving and drying with quick tapping motions of your applicator, and it starts to look like marble. Adding a second or third color blend and/or removes the first color in a way that adds to the cool marbly effect. 

Click here to learn more about this technique and my little treasure box project over on the Bella blog - part of my biweekly #craftyourstash series. Happy Crafting!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Enter to win two packs of Craft Attitude Inkjet Film!

Recently I was a guest on the Digi Scrap Geek podcast and we had a great time talking about all kinds of crafty things - click here to have a listen

One of the topics we discussed was about products that help a digital scrapbooker try other kinds of crafts. My favorite digital "crossover" product is Craft Attitude Inkjet Film. It's super fun and easy to use on any surface, like paper, wood, canvas, metal, acrylic, glass or craft foam. Just print out your favorite images in reverse, coat the surface smoothly with a glue stick, then peel back the paper liner and press the film on to the surface (ink side down). This film has a soft matte finish, so it seems to just melt into the surface. Use it to customize anything you want with your favorite photos and digital graphics. Click here to see some of the projects I've made with it.