Saturday, September 25, 2010

poor bloggy

my blog has been sooooo neglected. i place the blame squarely on the new fall line-up on tv!

anyway, last week on the cool2craft pj party, i demo-ed this "millefiori" technique for making needlefelted beads. i learned it from the book, fast, fun & easy needlefelting. it is indeed easy and fun! i made a little bracelet for mon ami with the purple and pink beads.

now what to do with the red, cream and purple beads?


  1. harrieTT HANNUSCH9/26/2010 9:45 AM

    i love, love, love the red and cream beads. they would make a perfect necklace or bracelet too.

  2. Great beads! But your hand looks a little dry; try some Aveeno, hun! :)

  3. these 'beads' are so cool! it reminds me of the ancient glassblowing video ive seen at a few museums where they showed how in olden times they would make these and then press them into a bowl shape.

    they would look cool no matter what you do with them. use as embellishments on ATCs, or for a 'ruffle' on a 'dress' for a collaged girl, or on the outside top edge of a cute handbag, or.. or.. or... pinned to your bulletin board to remind you of cool ideas!!


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