Tuesday, December 29, 2015

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine!

sunshine handmade greeting card lisa fulmer

I know, I know -there's not much sun, it's winter time, right after the holidays. But hey - that's all the more reason to take a break from the red and green, the blue and silver...and put a little punch in someone's day with a bit of pink and yellow. This sunny patterned cardstock makes a sweet thank-you card for that really special gift you just got, or you might be thinking ahead to Valentine's Day. Details are on the Creating with Joy blog.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Paper mosaic greeting cards

paper mosaic handmade greeting card lisa fulmer

Super easy, super cute - and you get to craft your stash to boot! Punch your paper scraps into squares and patch them together like a quilt. Ribbon, button, done. Check out another paper mosaic card I did like this on the Bella Crafts blog.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Paint-stamped doorhanger

paint stamped doorhanger lisa fulmer

Every doorknob in your house deserves a little decorating - those plain unfinished wood doorhangers are great surfaces for paint-stamping. I love how ethereal these sheer, iridescent paints look against flat black gesso - really striking. Paint-stamping can take a bit of practice to get just the right amount of coverage with your stamp. Check out my tutorial for this doorhanger on the Bella Crafts blog.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Watercolor ABC canvas book

watercolor handmade ABC children's soft book

I love using watercolor pencils on raw canvas - the surface is more absorbent, so drawing and shading is more fun and colors blend beautifully. I painted an apple and a bluebird to show off the idea of using iron-on embroidered letters to make a soft children's ABC book for the Creating with Joy blog. Two down, only twenty-four to go!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Elegant handmade notecards

elegant handmade note cards lisa fulmer

I love making elegant notecards like these with those thick pads of themed cardstock. The patterns are designed to coordinate with each other in any combination - so use them all! Click here for my tutorial on the Bella Crafts blog.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Upcycle an old wood tray with paper mosaic

This decoupaged paper mosaic tray is upcycling and recycling at its finest. Cover any wood tray - old, ugly or just laying on a clearance rack - with cut-up strips of scrap papers and you have just crafted your stash, baby! Check out my tutorial on the Bella Crafts blog.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Painting with wool - it's needlefelting!

needlefelting wall art lisa fulmer

Nothing is quite so stress-relieving as needlefelting for me. Quietly, peacefully, ever so gently laying down delicate strands of colorful fibers... and PUNCHING the hell out of them! *giggle* Click here for my full tutorial on the FaveCrafts blog to learn how to make this crazy daisy needlefelted wall hanging - or you could use it as a panel on a large fabric tote bag, too.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Colorful Christmas tree cards

This modern take on a Christmas tree was super fun to make, using lots of colorful scrapbook papers. Forget about traditional red and green - how about pink and orange? Lime and blue? Rust and tan? Learn how I made these strippy stripey greeting cards on the Favecrafts blog.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas holly berry wreath

christmas holly berry wreath lisa fulmer

I really love this iridescent green paint from EarthSafe Finishes - it's part of a color palette that my friend Ann Butler designed. Perfect for a Christmas holly leaves. And what a fun discovery Rigid Wrap Plaster Cloth was! It's pretty interesting to work with - you can cut it to any shape, it has a distinct texture, and it dries quickly into whatever shape you want. Get my full tutorial for this shimmery holiday decoration on the Activa blog.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Custom-molded and stenciled holiday trivet

This was my first time working with molding medium - I know I could have made a mold with lots more detail, but I decided to keep it simple. To make this trivet, I filled the mold with PermaStone plaster - it comes out really nice and smooth like stone. Can you guess what I used to mold this perfectly round shape? My full tutorial is over on the Activa blog, check it out!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Paint-stamped Christmas table runner

paint-stamped no-sew christmas table runner lisa fulmer

I do love a good no-sew project - combine it with paint-stamping and I'm in heaven! I made this Christmas table runner with Oly*Fun fabric, which comes in white and lots of great colors. Get my full tutorial on the Favecrafts blog!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Ribbon tree greeting cards

ribbon tree greeting card lisa fulmer

These triangular trees are a great way to use up short leftover lengths of ribbon. I use double-sided paper-lined adhesive sheets (such as Fabric Fusion). You just peel off one paper liner and press the ribbons next to each other on to the sticky side. Trim it into a triangle or whatever shape you like, then peel away the second paper liner on the back and press your ribbon triangles on to cardstock. I like these for a non-traditional Christmas card!

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Win a $650 Visa gift card in the "See You at CHA" Blog Hop!

January is always so fun - I just love kicking off each new year with the annual Craft & Hobby Association Mega Show.

This next show is CHA's 75th anniversary - so we're having a huge blog hop this week with about 60 CHA members - designers, retailers and manufacturers are coming together to share what they love about the show, what they have planned, new product sneak peeks and more.

Plus you can enter to win a $650 Visa gift card!

If you're in the trade and planning to attend, I hope you'll make note of where you can find me and come say hello!

Here's where I'll be speaking and/or demonstrating:

    Thursday 1/7:  Panelist at the Social Media Roundtable Session  (2-4pm)
    Friday 1/8:  Panelist at the Designer Roundtable Session  (8-10am)
    Saturday 1/9:  Doing a make-n-take in the Smoothfoam booth  (1:30-4pm)

Sunday 1/10:  
  • Co-presenter at an Email Marketing seminar  (9-10am)
  • Co-host for the Charity Wings webcast from their booth  (1-2pm)
  • Doing a make-n-take at DIA—Designers in Action  (2:30-3:30pm)
  • Hanging with my display at the DIA Meet & Greet  (3:30 - 5:30pm)
Monday 1/11: 
  • Doing a make-n-take in the Paper Trail booth  (12-1pm)
  • Greeter at DIA—Designers in Action  (3-4pm)

I'm also going to be visiting exhibitors on behalf of Bella Crafts Quarterly magazine, attending several meetings and business seminars, going to a couple rockin' parties, plus I will actually find time to take a few creative workshops and make some amazing projects!

I'll be sharing more as it gets closer - holy crap, it's less than a month away! I can't wait to see all my creative friends and network with lots of great companies. It's gonna be an awesome show!

Be sure to check out all the other blogs in the hop for more fun and inspiration - click here for the master list. Enter to win - good luck!

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Monday, December 07, 2015

Charming felt cottage luminary

felt cottage luminary lisa fulmer

This charming cottage made with scraps of felt looks adorable by day like this - or with a battery tealight inside, the windows have a warm glow at night. Get my full tutorial over on the Bella Crafts blog!