Wednesday, October 20, 2010

what mood are you in?

tonight on cool2craft, i demoed this cute "mood doll" using a mini board book for the body and fantastiques paper dolls. i was inspired by another project in the book, board book play, that debra cooper made.

inside each spread of pages is a body (the popcorn, stop sign, tin can) attached on the left with velcro, and the head and limbs attached on the right with brads. there is also a piece of velcro on the front cover. depending on how you are feeling, you swing out the paper doll that suits your mood. i put a magnet on the back cover so it can hang on the fridge or a file cabinet at work.

we have the jester for feeling happy, the sumo for feeling angry, and the skeleton for feeling dead tired at the end of a long day. so easy to for kids and grown-ups too!


  1. I love this! I have a few of these book boards in my craft space right now. I'm already coming up with ideas on how to make them pretty.

  2. very the popcorn page

  3. Love this idea. I was thinking about a similar sort of thing to keep in the car and wave at people who were nice....and perhaps mean on occasion. ;-)


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