Sunday, January 15, 2012

december atc swap

here are all the artist trading cards from my online swap last month (theme was art deco). the artists for the 9 atc's in the order shown are...lisa morris, joan hume, roberta birnbaum, sherry payne-scott, melissa sehmer marro, linda edkins wyatt, me and me again, eunice ortegon.

join us this month - the theme is metal. for details, click on the atc swap link at the top of the blog here.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

january swap with my local atc group

these are the art deco artist trading cards that i received in our swap this month, each is so different and lovely! click the pic to zoom in. my fellow artists are (clockwise from the left) uni, tarri, liz, donna, and cathy. our theme for february is space (as in the final frontier), so soon i'll be perusing the planets for inspiration.

Friday, January 13, 2012

more art deco atcs

we chose art deco as a theme for my local atc group this month. i printed an image of an art deco-style wood door on brown parchment cardstock, then i printed an image of a 1930's ad for a lingerie company called kestos (a greek word for the corset worn by aphrodite) on vellum and trimmed it out. i layered the vellum over the cardstock with matte gel medium and accented with a bronze pitt pen and crackle medium. lastly i tinted the ladies with a little yellow copic marker, and embellished with ribbon and little pearlies. these poses just crack me up!
this is the original ad - i adjusted the contrast before
printing to remove the black background 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

thank you cards for the zendo

i recently joined a local meditation group (it's wonderful for stress!) that is getting ready to move into a new, larger space. they are fundraising right now, so i offered to make some thank-you cards for them to send to donors. the japanese symbol means thank you.

i also just picked up a copy of the simple art of japanese calligraphy...i want to use some symbols and quotes in my mixed media and fabric painting, so i will be practicing to get my own writing to look as nice as the computer print-out i used for these cards.