Wednesday, September 01, 2010

easy photo frames

tonight on cool2craft, i showed some of the pages of my little tag book...and how to make super easy photo frames from cardstock for each page.

i think these make great gifts, you can create these cute little albums and let your recipient fill them up with photos and journaling. decorate the right side pages with papers and frames, and leave the left side pages open for writing. these blank board books are really high quality, and they're on sale right now for only $3.95 each!

top left - glue small triangles in the corners, just around the outer edges so you can slip the corner of a photo inside, then anchor it with a little glue dot.

top right - punch a couple small holes and string ribbon through them and around the sides, then slide a photo under the ribbon and anchor with a glue dot.

bottom left - use your favorite corner punch - this one i used has 4 slots which allows for different sizes of photos to be tucked inside. leave the top of the cardstock unglued at the top so you can slide the photo inside.

bottom right - cut a random shape in the center with an exacto blade, but leave a small section uncut so you can flip up the flap to reveal a photo underneath.

have fun making these!


  1. Thank you for sharing this Lisa...I really enjoyed learning about your tips for creating the frames! :) Also I LOVE the shaped board books! Very fun!!

  2. what a fantastic idea! I wish I had tuned in! Im gonna have to watch the video and make on :)

  3. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love tags and I think this is a cool.


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