Sunday, November 28, 2010

jingle blocks

i'm making lots of little things to sell at an xmas boutique next weekend. these ornaments are made with blank board blocks that come in three sizes. 

1. to decorate a 1-1/2" block - cut a strip of paper to 1-3/8"x 6-1/2".

2. center and wrap the strip around the sides of the block, adhering the paper to each panel by brushing a thin coat of mod podge.

3. use a craft drill or a japanese screw punch to make a small hole in the top and bottom panels (these boxes are smooth illustration board on the outside, with a layer of corrugated underneath for rigidity, and hollow inside).

4. cut two 1-3/8" squares of paper and adhere one to the top, one to the bottom, allow block to dry.

5. use a pencil or skewer to poke through the paper on the top and bottom (drilling the holes before covering the top and bottom prevents the paper from tearing)

6. brush a thin coat of mod podge on all sides to seal the paper. sprinkle a little white or clear glitter on top while wet, allow to dry.

7. apply a line of distress stickles (i used rock candy) or other clear glitter glue along the top edge, in between the paper seams where there is a little of the white block showing. allow to dry, then turn over and repeat on the bottom edge, allow to dry.

8. cut a piece of beading wire (i used 24 gauge gold) to approximately 15' long. thread a jingle bell to the center and pinch the wire in close to the bell, folding the length of wire in half.

9. poke the double strand of wire into the hole in the bottom of the block and guide it up through the top hole, bringing the bell flush to the block.

10. thread a few beads on to the wire at the top, then use round-nose beading pliers to twist a couple loops in the wire just above the beads to secure.

11. shape the remaining wire at the top into a curve for a hook, adding loops with the pliers to give the hook more stability.

these little blocks give you lots of options for showing off pretty holiday papers and can even glue little photos of the kiddies on the sides.


  1. Hello Lisa,

    These are fabulous! Best luck on your sale!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  2. Adorable ornaments...and there are so many ways they can be embellished, too! Love it! Good luck with your sale!!


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