Tuesday, August 30, 2011

you had me at baaaa...

i do believe i've fallen in love with a goat. several goats, actually. how could you not fall in love with this grin?

today was the first day of my vacation and the first day using my brand new fancy schmancy camera, so i'm posting the pics i took that i like the most.

i started my day with a visit to becky and jorge's beautiful 20-acre ranch. becky and i have been friends since about 1974 when we were in junior high school. they have goats, horses, dogs and a cat, and huge amazing oak trees. good times!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

tangle challenges

two of my friends turned me on to challenges this past week in a zentangle group i belong to on facebook. julie, a long-time friend from my high school gang, suggested a tangle that represents the end of summer. leslie rahye, a fairly new friend that i made online through craft webcasts, passed along a challenge to make a tile within a tile.

so i combined the two challenges into one 6" square drawing. the end of summer is represented by an origami pinwheel in the center. you need the fall winds to make a pinwheel work. i added a partial sun in the center with patterns around it that include apples, rain, lightening and vines. the square center of the pinwheel is the tile within the larger tile of the outer border.

it was very relaxing to draw, and it was fun trying out some new patterns along with my favorite "standards." tangling definitely untangles the wires in my brain for a while!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

july atc swap slide show

here are the artists who paticipated in our july swap. we are taking a break...no swap in august!

Monday, August 15, 2011

cherry blossom atc

my pal lisa sent me more of her yummy handpainted atc papers (she rocks!!) and this pink one was perfect for a ATC swap I'm doing with a woman in Thailand. i love this pretty cherry blossom stamp, which i colored in with copic markers and gave the blooms a bit o' bling in the center. the splattery effect of the paper is such a nice background for this little tree. click the pic to zoom.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

painted journal cover

for my friend mary's wedding day, i gave her a blank journal with a painted cover...she and her new hubs will be living in spain, where she will be enjoying some spurts of creativity as she explores her new community. so i think she'll enjoy having a special book to write, draw and scrap in.

i started with an 8" blank board book (click the pic to zoom in) and built up layers of stamp ink, spray ink, ultra-light lutradur, and acrylic paint. i bound in some watercolor paper interleaves with ribbon. With the extra pages (and a non-expanding spine), it can stand up on a table like a display of her creative explorations.