Saturday, November 06, 2010

i see santa

last week on cool2craft, i showed how to recycle christmas cards from past years to make this cute little windowpane are the instructions:

1. choose a scenic card - either an indoor or outdoor view (do you want to peek in or peek out?) - trim it down to fit within the front of whatever blank folded foundation card stock you like.

2. use a square punch to diecut a series of squares into a piece of colored cardstock to look like a windowpane - whatever size and configuration of panes best frames your scene - trim your windowpane to just a bit larger than your scenic card.

3. cut small triangles of ultralight lutradur to fit in the corners of a few panes and glue to the back side...snowdrifts!

4. trim out accent images from other cards - use outdoor things like birdhouses and flowers if your window is peeking inside, or use indoor things like a stuffed toy or a gift box if your window is peeking outside.

5. distress your windowpane with rough, random swipes of ink or glitter glue, and/or embellish with metallic dots, if desired.

6. adhere your accent images to the front of your windowpane using dimensional foam tape or glue dots.

7. adhere your windowpane to the scenic card using dimensional foam tape or glue dots.

8. center and adhere your layered windowpane scene to the front of your folded foundation card with your paper adhesive.

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  1. Lisa this is so cute. Sorry I missed Cool2craft. Thanks for sharing


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