more with the mini shadowbox

this past tuesday, i was a guest demonstrator on my friend andrea's show, "craftastic live!" well, actually my alter craft ego, hazel q. flipwater, was the guest, lol. andrea and i sure love being silly together, you'd think we were both 10 years old. click here for the replay link - some great craft demos and lots of laughs!

i showed everyone how to make another version of a mini shadowbox ornament. it's super quick to paint with stamp pad inks. this one is a blend of purple and pumpkin colors. i curved some thick gold wire into a spiral and attached it to the back, then adhered my little picture on it so it floats whimsically in the middle of the box.

earlier that same evening, i was visiting in the charity wings chat room with another creative friend, laura bray. we were all talking about how we weren't so into traditional scrapbooking, but that other kinds of memory crafts with photos are really fun to make. i'll be hanging this little box on my wall at work to remind me how happy my brother was when he got to meet mickey.


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