Monday, September 06, 2010

fabric notebook cover

today on cool2craft, i showed how to make this notebook cover out of timtex - layered with paper, fabric, and lace. it's inspired by the techniques i learned in the book fabric art collage.

i used the wide lace (which was white to start) as a stencil to create the pattern on the sides - spritzed with spray ink. that process dyed the lace the same color at the same time - a twofer!

i tapped the mermaid image on to two layers at once - organza on top of muslin. that way i got the color of the muslin behind the image, plus the shine of the organza, and the transfer process basically adhered the two layers together....magic!

after stitching down my mermaid to my layers of gold silk and gold paper, i added some ribbons on top of the lace, stitched that down and wrapped it all around to the back, adhering with some fabric glue. then i had fun burning a little design all around the edges with my textile tool.

i added an embellishment and it's ready to be glued to sheet of cardboard, then bound with papers into a notebook. you could also just glue it to a regular notebook from the office supply store.

here's an alternate design with a brighter color - i haven't stitched it down yet. i transferred the mermaid to lutradur instead of muslin.

and here's the replay link to the cool2craft episode - check it out!

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  1. The final product of your demo really turned out beautiful!


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