Wednesday, February 15, 2012

fun with mul•tex

in april, a new product from c&t publishing (where i work) is coming out called mul•tex®. it's this really cool art surface that's mulberry paper on one side, with a glossy laminate on the other side. lots of really cool stuff you can do with it!

i demonstrated a couple techniques for using it in cardmaking on cyn gagen's webcast last's the link to watch the replay.

Glitter fused between two layers of mul•tex

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine for mom

this card with the stitched border was actually a sample made by my coworker sue for her book, spectacular cards. she had put all her old samples in the free-box at work and i scooped them all up, knowing i'd have fun altering them at some point. i removed the faux party invite panel from the front and replaced it with a heart that i needlefelted and embellished with some beading stitches and a postcard charm. i added white panels inside to write on. i love a card that opens from the top instead of the left...cute!

Friday, February 10, 2012

a steampunk valentine blog hop—plus a giveaway!

so my crafty pal leslie rahye organized a fun blog hop for the heart day with a steampunk theme. i'm not much for the "hallmark holidays" but i do enjoy steampunk, it was the perfect theme for me. for my valentine, i decided to write a racy (or shall i say steamy?) little limerick from the era, and i posted it in a mini board book that i painted and stamped with distress inks, then embellished with various steampunkish doodads.

a corseted woman named belle
had yearnings for living quite well.
her lovers were heroes,
but their finances zeroes...
she lived in her own kind of hell.

with anachronistic disparity,
a time machine showed her some charity.
she traveled back years,
despite all her fears,
to seek out a man of prosperity.

a leader of this very nation
she met with considerable elation.
her body did shiver,
his lips felt a quiver,
and thus began their fornication.

his gears (and her engine) ran clean,
their faces resplendent with sheen.
a charming romance
was born from their dance...
his fortune (and heart) she did glean.

now for my giveaway...i have a lovely selection of goodies, courtesy of my friends at fiskars! a pair of scissors, a fingertip blade, and a pretty bird punch...this prize package could be yours! leave a comment here to enter to win, i'll draw a name on monday night 2/13. good luck!

update for 2/13/12:  according to - the winner is jess...congrats!

check out the rest of the bloggers' links below - lots of different creative projects...this is a great hop! thanks leslie rahye!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

craft & hobby's about the people!

i just returned from a week at cha - the craft & hobby association winter conference & trade show. favecrafts is hosting a blog roundup if you'd like to browse through several other designers' posts about their cha adventure too!

i attended for many show off some of c&t publishing's new books and products, talk to customers, do some trend-spotting, take some seminars, meet with members of the media and press, see imaginative ideas in action, and of course, ooh and aah over loads of exciting new products from hundreds of manufacturers of all shapes and sizes.

i am thankful every day to be working alongside creative people in an industry that fosters and values creative expression. there is no better way to spend that handful of precious disposable income dollars than on art, craft, and sewing supplies, right?

it's true that a lot of this show is centered around the scrapbooker...but the quilter, the knitter, the beader, the sewer, the sculpter, the metalworker, the cardmaker, the mixed media artist, the papercrafter, the felter, the stamper, the DIYer, the painter, and the family crafter (and dare i say the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker) are all represented as well.

for me, it's really all about the people. going to cha is about connecting with friends, building business relationships, meeting the movers and shakers in the craft world, networking with colleagues...and sharing news and inspiration with people who really, truly, almost divinely "get" each other.

here's just some of what i did last week!

  • danced in a flash mob for charity
  • promoted and demonstrated some awesome stuff
  • heard some really good sales spiels and brainstormed some really good plans
  • listened to heartfelt personal stories and was gobsmacked by so much gorgeous work
  • taught a fun workshop
  • gave away prizes and received lovely gifts
  • learned better blogging skills and search engine optimization tactics
  • discovered more about shopping behaviors of the young (and the young at heart)
  • met talented designers, enthusiastic retailers, passionate teachers, and exhausted exhibitors (lol)
  • chatted with my favorite spotlight artists and crafters
  • spent time with creative entrepreneurs who have worked so hard to release their own books and product lines, and i couldn't be happier for them (and i will be buying their amazing wares)!
  • hugged so many people and shook so many hands that my arms hurt

i have attended this show for several years now, and i always come back energized and sparked up with encouragement and optimism about my work in this industry at large, and about my personal growth as an artist and a crafter. onward and upward!