Sunday, December 12, 2010

a thank-you for my secret santa

at our office holiday luncheon last week, we celebrated with a secret santa gift exchange. our sales manager, sandy, had drawn my name. she knows i am an artist and a crafter, so she headed to the mixed media aisle at our local art store to shop.

now...sandy's not so much into these kinds of creative pursuits herself...she said she was totally flummoxed by all the different products and couldn't decide what to buy. a couple of our craftier co-workers helped her choose things in the end, reassuring her that she doesn't need to know what to do with it herself to know that i will love it!

she selected three large sheets of gorgeous collage papers, some decorative brads, postage stamp embellishments, hinge clips, and rub-ons of great words like "adventure." everything was fabulous, she could not have picked more perfect treats for me.

so it only made sense for me to use a little of everything she gave me to make this thank-you card for her. now she will know what we do with this stuff!


  1. You may have a convert! Not bad for a first foray.

    xoxo Kim


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