inspired by craft wars: o christmas tree

i loved margot's bright dr. suess-y tree on last week's episode. who says christmas has to be red and green? certainly not me.

this is an easy ornament to make with paper and beads in any size - mine here is about 9" long. you could string a bunch together like little paper lanterns on a garland, that would be super cute.

cut 3 concentric circles from cardstock. score each circle into 8 even wedges with 4 intersecting lines, then fold and pinch the sections in opposite directions on the lines to create a zig-zaggy bell shape.

string each bell on to wire, using a cut piece of a drinking straw in between each bell as a spacer. String beads at the top and bottom, and embellish as desired.

coil the end of the wire at the bottom, and twist the wire at the top into a loop for hanging.

check out what some of my fellow craft wars vets made to celebrate christmas in july!
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