Monday, July 23, 2012

inspired by craft wars: keepsake box

for the pop craft in last week's episode, andrea and i had to make a child's keepsake box. this week i decided to make a keepsake box for myself, starting with a plain wood box. i stained it with a denim color wash, inside and out. then i glued a placard on top with the judge's favorite....felt! i fused angelina fibers to the top of the felt for sparkle.

for the master craft, we were given just 5 hours to create a structure of some sort for a wedding, and it had to include all the challenge materials—denim, flannel blankets, candlesticks, and paper invitations. yikes! that was crazy, but we did it...we made a wishing tree and we won!

to embellish the top of my box, i made two different styles of flowers with folded strips of denim. i used a fabric stiffening spray to curl a couple petals, then spritzed them all with gold glitter fabric paint. i rolled thinner strips of brown flannel for the buds and glued them in the centers, highlighted with some blue ink, glitter glue, and rhinestones. then i tucked in some leaves i made from air-dry polymer clay.

check out what some of my fellow craft wars vets created this week!
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  1. that looks great. i am not a craft war alum, and I don't craft a lot, but can I do a craft war thingy too, when I get some time????
    I wanna play too

  2. looks like you had a lot of fun with this little box. I made myself something similar that I use as a little 'wish' box in my bed side drawer. :-) Julie


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