tangle challenges

two of my friends turned me on to challenges this past week in a zentangle group i belong to on facebook. julie, a long-time friend from my high school gang, suggested a tangle that represents the end of summer. leslie rahye, a fairly new friend that i made online through craft webcasts, passed along a challenge to make a tile within a tile.

so i combined the two challenges into one 6" square drawing. the end of summer is represented by an origami pinwheel in the center. you need the fall winds to make a pinwheel work. i added a partial sun in the center with patterns around it that include apples, rain, lightening and vines. the square center of the pinwheel is the tile within the larger tile of the outer border.

it was very relaxing to draw, and it was fun trying out some new patterns along with my favorite "standards." tangling definitely untangles the wires in my brain for a while!