Tuesday, August 30, 2011

you had me at baaaa...

i do believe i've fallen in love with a goat. several goats, actually. how could you not fall in love with this grin?

today was the first day of my vacation and the first day using my brand new fancy schmancy camera, so i'm posting the pics i took that i like the most.

i started my day with a visit to becky and jorge's beautiful 20-acre ranch. becky and i have been friends since about 1974 when we were in junior high school. they have goats, horses, dogs and a cat, and huge amazing oak trees. good times!


  1. that smile looks lecherous...lol
    He's trying to get a treat from U.

  2. wonderful pictures!!! great camera.
    It looks like your vacation is starting out really fun, being an animal lover! They do need more than ONE cat,though. lol---I have several for her!
    I am wondering what you will help the Curries make in their house when you get there! s/b a blast!

  3. You are so baaaaaa---d! I can see you have enjoyed "kidding" around! hee hee. Lovely photos!

  4. Beautiful place Lisa. I'm following you here now. Thanks for following on my blog. Love the encuastic above. Must try that sometime.

    Coleen in Ukraine

  5. Looks like a lovely place - LOVE goats!


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