a little book of paris

here is the incredibly wonderful book i received from valerie in germany.

it is about 3"x4" with 13 two-sided pages inside. some pages are tag-shaped with ties on top, some have little pockets.

all the pages are stamped and collaged and full of delicious little distressed details.

it's just soooo delightful, i could just flip through it all day. here are some of the page spreads.

Vielen dank, valerie!!!


  1. Herzlich gerne! Glad you like it! Valerie

  2. Wow!!! That is just stunning!!!! You lucky, lucky woman, you!!!!
    That is some inspired, inspiring work. Can't wait to try on her theme for size!
    Thanks so much for sharing Valerie's wonderful work!

  3. Valerie is the most amazing artisan! I love all her work! Lucky you.
    x Julie

  4. thank you for showing this in such detail, I am going to have a break from painting and try my hand at creating something beautiful from my huge collection of bits and bobs. Funny how us artists gather up stuff that will be beautiful 'one day'. thanks, Sally

  5. Great and very artistic collage work! The colours and the layout are just stunning. I cant wait to try this myself.


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