fiskars tv episode

last summer i was invited by fiskars to tape an episode for their online craft tv channel. it was lots of fun to do - and i'm beyond thrilled that it is finally on the air!

episode #112 and you can view it online at the fiskars craft tv channel. while you're watching, be sure to click on the prize drawing link for a chance to win some of the products that i demonstrated with.

i combined two of my favorite c&t products - fast2fuse and lutradur - with several fiskars tools, to create this "no-sew" accordion-fold wallet to hold artist trading cards. last year i bought a fabric atc wallet from my friend lorraine's etsy and i was totally hooked on the concept of carrying your atcs in style.

below are links to a couple of my other atc wallet projects - give it a try! while you're in the artist trading card frame of mind, why don't you join my monthly atc swap - it's easy and fun, a great way to collect little pieces of art for just the cost of postage. visit
my facebook fan page for details.

••• lutradur atc wallet
••• timtex atc wallet


  1. love the colours you have used on this. The Fiskars TV episode looks good..hope you get more slots on it

  2. Looks good and congratulations!


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