Monday, May 04, 2009

atc wallet

neato bandito! taking a cue from my friend lorraine, i have made an atc wallet out of timtex and lutradur. i love my fabric atc wallet that lorraine made, i use it to carry my cards to my monthly atc club meetings.

for the outside of the covers, i painted two 4"x4" squares of timtex with india inks and acrylic inks. the colors soak in to the timtex and blend and bleed in their own way. i just love this effect! i heat-stamped circles on the timtex,
melting it just slightly. i burned one hole straight through on each cover for the closure and trimmed the edges with a scallop to better hold the closure in place.
then i glued the outer panels an accordion-folded length of lutradur inside each cover - fabri-tac adhesive works great. i glued shorter strips on both sides of the accordion to create pockets. inside the covers, i painted some more, then adhered a strip of lutradur that i burned holes into to create a lacy effect. i spritzed the strip with a bronzy color wash spray.
i chose to keep the interior of the wallet plain white to really show off the lutradur's texture and strength, it's wonderfully versatile stuff. i embellished my wallet with pocket clips, eylets, washers and brads, then added a magnetic closure with some chenille yarn. the eyelets add some stability too.

this is one of the projects i will be demo-ing at namta next week (nat'l art materials trade show) - i can't wait!


  1. Very cute! What a great idea.

  2. wow, what a great idea, and it really does show what the lutrador can do. It doesn't take up as much space as fabric does, great job.


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