20 ways to inspire: Week 20 - The final prompt

Well here we are, a scant five months later, and my #20waystoinspire series of creative prompts on the Bella Crafts Quarterly blog has come to a close. 

This series of blog posts was a spin-off from my Creative Space column in their Winter 2014 issue, where I listed all twenty prompts as a challenge to find creative inspiration in everyday places.

autumn leaves handmade greeting card
Week 20: Thinking about who you love
In my final post, the prompt is about love - with a throwback to one of the greeting cards I made when I first started blogging in 2008.

I'm still going to be blogging for Bella twice a month about creative inspiration and what I make of it. Look for my next post there on May 30th - and be sure to check out my Creative Space column in Bella Crafts Quarterly. Click here to view the current Spring 2015 issue - I talk about establishing "command central" in your craft space.