Monday, November 10, 2008

autumn leaves challenge

i'm finding lots of fun cardmaking challenge blogs, which is great motivation and inspiration. over at scrappy hours, they posted a challenge for using leaves in some way. so this weekend i made two series of leaf-themed cards - three traditional and three modern. one of each is shown here - the rest can be seen on my flickr page. i used thinner papers for the foundations this time, including some translucents. it was nice to not be limited to cardstock - as long as the embellishments aren't too heavy, i think the thinner papers feel nice, different. i also tried to incorporate more metal accents - bronze and gold colored buttons, eyelets, tags and brads. for all six cards, I worked with four autumn-ish papers and two translucents, then used a couple accent scraps and some embellishments from my gift box studio book.

and by the way, these six cards are for sale on my etsy!


  1. Thank you so much for joining our challenge over at Scrappy Hours. When I post the results, I will include a link to your Flickr page with all 6 cards - they are all gorgeous - as well as a link to your blog.


  2. I LOVE the first one you have posted here - the different textures and the use of the GBS embellishments especially. perfect amount of blank space too - makes it really stylish and understated. you go.


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