Painting - Busy Intersection

busy intersection lisa fulmer

For this painting, I used Art Crayons by Marabu Creative. All the colors are pretty bright and opaque - I worked on a canvas board that I covered first with a coat of black gesso. Art Crayons are a wax-based media that's also water-soluble. Very creamy and blendy and fun to work with!

wip lisalisalou

Since I love circles so much, I wanted to try a painting in the style of geometric abstraction. I just started laying down circles and rectangles, giving each intersection a different color.

It was great to design something that allowed me to use many different colors. I had buildings in mind at first, but it wasn't until I was totally finished that I realized how much it felt like a busy downtown street to me, congested with people and traffic. At the final stage, I saw wheels and a truck cab, tire tracks, traffic lights...each shape and color ended up representing something else.