Flower Power show

lisa fulmer flower power painting
Rose Tile - 10x10 acrylic

I painted this to hang in a group show called "Flower Power," sponsored by the Concord Community of Artists. During the month of May, flower paintings from a variety of artists will be featured in a large display case inside the entrance of the Concord Library. All of our work is done on the same size canvas board - we each had to paint a single bloom of any style, using any mediums.

I took a photo of a rose in my front yard as inspiration for the basic shape of my rose. I worked with acrylic paint, ink and sand texture medium - I wasn't entirely sure where I was headed as I painted, but I like what I ended up with! It looks like a stencil, but it was all freehand.

The final touch was a layer of sand medium over the white areas. I love the texture - and I also love the hint of peach color underneath that just barely tints the white. I've seen some of the work from the other artists - it will be a fantastic variety of blooms!