Paint stamping a wood tag

paint stamped wood tag lisa fulmer

I love to paint-stamp any surface I can get my hands on - paper, fabric, wood and more. Recently I bought a pack of 4x6 wood tags - I've been using them like little canvases for lots of fun techniques - check out my tissue decoupaged wood tag over on the Bella blog.

I think oversized tags make great greeting cards, cute door hangers, or they even work as a giant key fob. A collection of them hanging on the wall would be super fun, too.

I'm taking part in my friend Jen's blog hop for National Craft Month, so I paint-stamped this spring floral design on a wood tag - it was quick and easy to make with just one little flower stamped in an all-over pattern with three different colors.

painted large wood tag

Start by painting the wood tag white - if you want white as your background color, I think sanding the edges after the paint is dry gives the tag a nice shabby chic feel. Otherwise, having white underneath will help another background color keep its true shade.

floral paint stamped wood tag lisa fulmer

I painted over the white with a coat of olive green, then edged the tag in mint green with a cosmetic sponge. Use another sponge to dab a light coverage of paint on a stamp, then stamp it on the wood. First I stamped a random pattern of mint green flowers, then after they were dry, I stamped more flowers in white, then pink. I painted the back of the wood tag in pink, then embellished the front with a sweet bug rub-on and a little bling.