Etched glass jug lamp

etched glass jug lamp lisa fulmer

I've been wanting to try etching with etchall creme on colored glass - but it can be hard to know for sure if the glass is really colored (when etching works the best) or just painted. One trick is to look inside down to the bottom, where you might see scratches in the paint, or no paint at all. That's what I discovered with this red candle pot after removing the last bits of wax, so it became an upcycled glass painting project instead of an upcycled glass etching project.

etch a glass beer jug

This cute little brown jug was filled with beer - so of course I took advantage of the excuse to drink it all, in order to peer down inside the empty jug to see if the brown color was real - and it was!

etching glass jug

I liked the idea of a bee design - like B for beer, B for brown. I kiss-cut a bee from my Cricut machine on a sheet of etchmask. The lightest pressure setting is perfect for kiss-cutting, it cuts the yellow vinyl but not the paper liner beneath. After taping the "negative" of the bee in place on the jug, including a few little pieces to accent the bee's body, then I dabbed on the etching creme and let it sit for about 20 minutes.

etched bee on brown glass

After removing the mask and washing away the excess creme, I had a gorgeous bee on my bottle.

I liked the yellow vinyl "positive" bee enough to use it like a decorative sticker for an etchall Lighten Up lampshade kit. After sponging yellow alcohol ink on the acetate shade liner, I put the bee sticker in position and accented him with a little bling.

lighten up battery lampshade

The lampshade has battery-operated lights built in, so you can just place it on top of a jug or bottle for a cute little nightlight. I added a circle of brown cardstock to the top.

diy nightlight upcycled beer jug