Painting and stenciling on fabric

fabric painting lisa fulmer

I love painting on fabric (instead of canvas or paper) because of all the different kinds of cool effects you can get when ink and water are combined to saturate the fabric. I like using a medium-weight muslin the best because of its canvasy texture.

Acrylic inks do a nice job of stiffening the muslin enough to hang nicely on clips - plus the inks prevent the edges from fraying. If you like the look of frayed edges, prep them first, before painting.

I learned from my friend Rebekah Meier how to work in layers, allowing each layer to dry before adding something more on top. I really like alternating between ink washes and images that are stenciled and stamped with paint. The painted areas give a slight resist to the ink-washed areas of the muslin. Of course, I always have to blend in my favorite iridescent medium in there somewhere for a little shimmer!

Click here to see an option for adding a sentiment to this piece with iron-on embroidered letters. I really like this size for a whole series of paintings that could line the hallway!