"Creative Scarves" book review and giveaway!

Today is the first day of a special 5-day blog tour to celebrate the release of my friends' new book, Creative Scarves. I'm super happy to be part of the tour - and YOU will be super happy for the opportunity to win a signed copy of the book, plus a $100 gift card to shop at Dharma Trading, where you can buy loads of awesome art and craft supplies! This prize drawing is open to international folks, too!

creative scarves by tiffany windsor
Tiffany Windsor, her sister Heidi and her grand niece Savannah have put together an amazing array of gorgeous ideas for creating scarves.

Sewing, painting, braiding, beading, stamping, crocheting, doodling and dying - there's something here for everyone. Some scarves you make from scratch and some are ready-made scarves that you customize with all kinds of fun techniques.

The projects are split into seasons, and each one has loads of photos and tips to help you get the best results, plus there's a section that shows you lots of fashionable ways to knot, twist, wrap and wear long, narrow scarves.

I love scarves all year round. I tend to dress mostly in dark solids - a scarf is just about the only place I wear much color or patterns. I only have a few, but this book has inspired me to make more!

Of course I started with something really easy - one of the winter scarves in the book is made from fleece with fringe - fleece doesn't fray when cut. I had this super soft black and white houndstooth fleece - I sewed a long strip of it into a narrow tube, and cut another piece into long 1" wide strips with a pinking blade. I placed 3 strips into each end of the tube and cinched it with some black embroidery floss. I stitched a black button through each end to secure the strips.

fleece houndstooth fringe scarf lisa fulmer

I love that it's nice and long, but only thick up at the top where it counts - to keep my neck warm. Having long fringe at the ends keeps it lightweight. I'm stitching off-season here, but I'm glad I started with something easy. Now I'm feeling pretty confident to try something a little more involved from the spring or summer section so I can wear it right away!

There are 19 more designers and bloggers on the tour - their links will pop up at the bottom of my post as the week goes on. The full schedule is on Tiffany's blog. Be sure to enter to win the awesome prize - have fun!

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