Fleur de lys bulletin board with Foamology

fleur de lys foam bulletin board lisa fulmer

A group of us from the Designer Crafts Connection are working with products from Foamology - our theme is quick and easy home décor. I've been wanting a small bulletin board in the hall next to my front door for the occasional little reminder before leaving the house, like "turn off the space heater" or "put the puppy gate up" or "don't forget your lunch in the fridge."

But I also wanted the bulletin board to be a pretty wallhanging when there are no reminders posted. The Household Utility Foam from Foamology was exactly what I needed - it's flexible at 1/4" thick and holds thumbtacks nicely. I traced my fleur-de-lys pattern on it with a white paint marker and trimmed it out with a craft knife - the foam cut like buttah. The smooth black surface looks like chalkboard, which I really like.

foam bulletin board detail lisa fulmer

Then I wrapped a 12" square of their soft Design Foam with Stickybase with fabric. I covered all the sticky surface on the back too, because I wanted my bulletin board to be easily removed from the wall. I glued the fleur-de-lys on top of the fabric panel and pushed silver beaded pins around the edges to accent. Glued a ribbon loop to the back for hanging and done!

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