Playing with Cool2Cast!

cool2cast plaster medium
Cool2Cast is a fabulous plaster-type medium for crafts and mixed media - developed by my friend, Tiffany Windsor.

You mix it with water and then pour it into just about any kind of flexible mold or container to create fun embellishments.

It dries to an opaque white with a really nice and smooth surface for painting, inking or stamping. You can embed things in it, add texture or create resists.

Now Bella Crafts Quarterly has teamed up with Tiffany to create a new Cool2Cast ebook that's filled with all the tips, techniques and project inspiration you need to get the most out of this fun medium. There are loads of pictures and great ideas - and the price is right!

cool2cast ebook tiffany windsor
I like making square tiles in Wilton's square silicone tray for bite-size brownies. You can make tiles in varied thicknesses depending on how full you fill each square.

Thin tiles are great for making pendants and embellishing box lids. I made a few and gave them a random marbley finish with lime green and caramel colored alcohol inks, then painted a coat of iridescent medium on top to seal it.

cool2cast pendant lisa fulmer
I stamped a couple tiles, and I rubbed one tile flat across the stamp pad for solid coverage. Then I used a baby wipe to remove some of the ink so a tiny bit of the sparkle underneath came through. I sealed it again with a coat of glazing medium and glued on some bling.

I really like the distressed look I ended up with on each tile, so I found beads with a rougher texture to match.

It was easy to slowly drill a clean hole through the tiles with a hand-winding craft drill, or you can glue on a flat pendant bale.

For this one tile, I backed it with a stiff piece of acetate and wrapped some copper metal tape around the bottom edge for a quickie bezel. I added some floss and beads...and I have a lariat necklace!

Click here to visit lots more designers who are having fun with Cool2Cast - and don't forget to download the e-book - you'll have so much fun with this stuff!

cool2cast pendant detail lisa fulmer

cool2cast inked tiles lisa fulmer