Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jewel Pop Shop DIY bracelet

My sweet friends Cathie and Steve sent me a fabulous box o' POP the other day...a collection of DIY charms, gems and chains from their brand new Jewel Pop Shop line.

It's really fun to mix-n-match everything - all you need is some beading pliers and contact glue to make all kinds of different jewelry, or you can use the charms and gems in cardmaking and other crafts, too.

This silver bracelet chain comes with little pendant bails linked in place, so you just glue on whatever flat-back gems you like. I sandwiched each bail between two of these big, sparkly teardrop gems.

I literally put the bracelet together in about ten minutes...quick and easy, cute and breezy!


  1. Wow, it's so great!!! I have been admiring the new Jewelry Pop Shop and all its glory for a few weeks now!! It looks so fun and the designs are fabulous! So happy to see some pieces being created and your bracelet is superb! TFS :)

    1. Lots of fun and cuteness in the line - thanks for stopping by!


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