Embossed paper bookmark

embossed paper bookmark lisa fulmer

This was a fun little bookmark to make with my die-cutting machine. The paper went through with a pinstripe texture plate first, then I used a bird die to emboss and deboss a repeat pattern across the bookmark. I rubbed some pastel pigment over the top to highlight the texture, spritzed it with a little pastel fixative, colored in a few birds with a marker, then glued some die-cut birds on top in a contrasting blue.

After punching a few holes around the birds, I glued the embossed green paper on top of a sheet of the blue, so the blue peeks out through the holes, plus the double layer gives the bookmark more rigidity.


  1. okay, I need to get a couple of those....how many cinnamon rolls will it cost me??

    1. you can have this one - in exchange for one pastry or cupcake in whatever flavor you're baking!

    2. done. into cinnamon rolls right now, but I take requests. cheesecake still awesome in cupcake format.


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