Seahorse drawing with chalk pastel pencils

This past Saturday on my webcast, I shared a mixed media technique I learned from a demo at my local artists group, then I added a little of my own's the finished seahorse that I started during the webcast.

Click here to watch the full 30-minute show or watch the highlights below.

Click here to download the project tutorial as a PDF.


1.  Adhere the tissue to the watercolor paper by brushing Mod Podge (thin first with a little water), above and beneath the tissue, brushing creases and wrinkles into it as you go. Let dry.

2.  Paint a pale background on top with watercolors - I used blues and purples. Use less water for richer colors. Let dry.

3.  Use a pastel pencil to trace a seahorse from a royalty-free image printed from your computer on to parchment paper, then flip it over and transfer the seahorse to the watercolor paper by rubbing the tracing with a craft stick.

4.  Stamp a random pattern around the seahorse – I stamped little circles to look like bubbles.

5.  Color in the seahorse with pastel pencils. I used my finger to blend blue, green, purple and yellow together.

6.  Rub some PanPastel color over the surface to accentuate the wrinkles. Spritz lightly with a pastel fixative. Let dry.

7.  Highlight all or part of the seahorse with Dimensional Magic. I left random open streaks on his belly. Sprinkle clear glitter on top and let dry, then brush off any excess glitter.