National Craft Month - 10 reasons why I craft

March is here and crafting is in the air!  Recently my friend Kathy suggested to several of us craft industry designers that we should celebrate National Craft Month by writing a post about why we craft.

craft with lisa fulmer lisalizalou why do I love it so much? There are probably way more than ten reasons why I craft, but here goes, in no particular order...
  1. Crafters are my people
    I have met so many awesome people in the greater crafting community, from home hobbyists to industry professionals. Everyone is so supportive and there's just this instant bond between us glitter-n-glue-n-paper-n-fabric-n-stamp-n-paint lovers.
  2. So many crafts!
    There is so much variety in crafting - really, there's something for everyone and there are lots of great how-to books, videos and webcasts to help me try something new and get my craft on.
  3. Living a handmade life is cool
    Whether I'm making things for myself, my home, my family or friends, it's so refreshing to get away from the malls and all the mass-produced crap and immerse myself in some quality DIY time.
  4. Creativity makes me happy
    I just feel better when I'm being creative, my right brain digs all the attention.  I love, love, love to spend time imagining and designing - it does a great job of chasing away the blues, too.
  5. Crafting relieves stress
    Nothing melts away the troubles of my day like painting a box, playing with pretty papers and fabrics, doodling with fancy pens, or any number of repetitive crafts like kumihimoneedlefelting or embroidery.
  6. There's no crying in crafting!
    For reals, even when I screw it up, it's not the end of the world. A craft fail can be totally hilarious and tweetworthy. Plus it's true what they say, every mistake is a design opportunity.
  7. Sharing is caring
    Crafters are just so damn generous - from random acts of kindness to paying it forward, we share our stash, our ideas, our inspiration, our skills and our links to each other's work.
  8. Table for one to one hundred
    Crafting can be wonderfully communal as well as fun for flying solo. I love crafting in groups and classes just as much as working alone in my studio.
  9. Those who can, craft. Those who craft, teach.
    I love demonstrating and teaching, as do so many of my fellow crafters. I love it when someone gets excited about trying a product or technique I show them, and it's even better when they feel inspired enough to want to put their own spin on it.
  10. Shortcuts and going rogue
    I'm a huge shortcut queen, I have very little patience for perfection or following patterns to a tee. I tend to design as I go, cover up boo-boos with buttons and bling, and just run wild with a new technique - and those are all excellent qualities in crafting!
So go out there and enjoy National Craft Month - it's a great time to enter a craft contest, find some new blogs and Pinterest boards, and try some new crafts! And don't forget to add #Cre8time to all your crafty social media posts to share the love.