Dazzle-it Neo Chain bracelet and blog hop

My friend Carmi sent me some Dazzle-it products to try - different sizes of blue and pink Neo Chain with findings - and I'm happy to be participating in her blog hop!


Neo Chain comes in lots of bright colors and each link has a bevel cut to expose the metal beneath the color for extra sparkle.

The chain has long, narrow links which make for a nice drape, so I cut 9 lengths of the larger blue chain and 3 lengths of the smaller pink chain. I made a few of the blue chains slightly longer than the rest. I looped matching pink and blue jump rings through each set of chains, then put them together on white jump rings and added a clasp. Quick, easy and beautiful!

Click here to see all the designers' projects in the hop - enjoy!


  1. I love the blue and pink chain together Lisa, this bracelet is such fun. What a great way to add a pop of color to an outfit!


    1. Thanks - I love how easy it was to make :-)

  2. How fun and versatile. I love practical pieces that can adadpt. The chian colors are fab.


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