Book review: "How to Write & Publish a Best-Selling Craft Book" by Mark Montano

Mark Montano is definitely the right person to write How to Write & Publish a Best-Selling Craft Book. An author and TV personality with 11 DIY/craft books, one of which is in its 12th printing, is exactly who I want coaching me as I prepare my own craft book to hopefully become a best-seller next fall (but more on that later!).

How to write & publish a best-selling craft book
As soon as I heard about this new ebook, I couldn't wait to dig into it! Mark gives you the steps for thinking about what kind of craft book you want to write, mapping it out and preparing your pitch to publishers or agents.

He also gives great advice on what you need to be ready to do once you get a book deal...including the process of putting the manuscript together and all the self-promotion work you need to do.

He doesn't sugar-coat it - it's loads of hard work, but he gives lots of his own "trade secrets" for how he did it to help you.
He really is the perfect coach for this topic.

Everything's written in Mark's personal voice with his (!!!) enthusiasm, a supportive tone and casual, humorous banter.
I could totally hear him cheering me on as I read.

If you think you want to write a craft book, definitely buy Mark's ebook first. It costs no more than a buffet lunch and you'll get a smorgasbord of valuable insider tips and expert advice.