More cast-offs from the salvage store

This week I visited another salvage store called Scrap.

Thousands and thousands of square feet filled with delightful doo-dads and goo-gaws, antiques, oddities, treasures, junk, and surplus supplies.

Scrap had a huge selection of mannequins, scrap wood, sheets of glass, fabrics, games, office supplies, art supplies, sewing, floral, games, collectibles, unfinished projects, student art, stationery, kitchen stuff...

This was my haul for a mere sixteen bucks!
  • 300 square envelopes
  • 40 small sheets of vinyl paper
  • 30 large tags
  • 20 embossed postcards
  • 10 metal buttons
  • 10 metal marbles
  • 7 wood embellishments
  • 6 metal cookie cutters
  • 4 bamboo needles
  • 4 copper/graphite rods
  • 3 blank stamp bases
  • 3 laser sparkle spirals
  • 1 yard pink satin
  • 1 lampshade
  • 1 clipboard
  • 1 metal tumbler
  • 1 round metal tin with lid

The envelopes are new, in perfect condition...these alone at a regular retailer would cost twice what I paid for everything. Perfect for my card making! I love square cards, even though they cost a little extra to mail.

An awesome score - so much to work with! Three cheers for creative re-use!