My new show on Craft Time TV

So glitter me crazy...but I'm taking the plunge!

This is my "oh crap, what was I thinking??" look...

In addition to creating my almost-weekly episodes for our beloved Cool2Craft, I'm going to produce my own weekly craft show on a brand new internet platform called Craft Time TV, where you'll be able to watch a wide variety of craft programming any time you want, from anywhere in the world, on your computer, mobile device, or even your television - all in HD quality.

I'm filming my first few episodes with The Craft Time TV crew at CHA next week, then the rest will be filmed here in my home studio. My show will have the same name/logo as my blog: "Lisa Liza Lou—a little art, a little craft."

I plan to demo oodles and oodles of great techniques, use as many unique products and fun tools as I can get my grubby, paint-stained hands on, feature occasional guest artists and crafters, and show you how to create projects (with kits for sale) that you will love!

Oh and I also promise to be goofy and funny and I'll try my darndest to make you LOL without ROTF.  :-)

More details to come soon on the whens and wheres...the Craft Time TV channel will be free at first, while they ramp up their programming, then later they'll introduce a fee-based subscription service (kind of like NetFlix) with no advertising or commercials. They're doing a new comedy channel too, which should be really fun!