Cute business card holder

Several of us have been making fun projects with Smoothfoam sheets and balls over the last couple months. The surface is so easy to paint and glitter, and then you can poke all kinds of pretty pins and brads into it. 

I created this little display to hang two all-year ornaments that I made, and then I used a third ball to make a business card holder with a little clip. 

I glued washers to the bottom so it will stand up, and all the pins give it extra weight so it can hold my card within the display.

Click here to see the silver ornament, click here to see the green one.

My display will be in Plasteel's booth (makers of Smoothfoam) at the Craft & Hobby (CHA) show this weekend...I'm getting all packed and ready to go!

I'll be blogging each night during CHA to share pictures and products and people...stay tuned!