Sunday, December 02, 2012

How to make a beaded SmoothFoam ornament

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This month our theme is "Handmade Holidays" so I decided to make a tree ornament with a 2.5" SmoothFoam ball.

First I painted it green and added some clear glitter. Then I grabbed a bunch of pretty green stone beads and short headpins and just started pokin' 'em in. After a while it was easier on the tip of my finger to use a metal thimble.

For the beaded pins at the top and bottom, I sank those in clear glue first for stability. I love the two glass millefiori beads at the bottom!

I made it red and green so it seemed like a Christmas ornament, but I added the hints of yellow so it didn't look too Christmasy. Now I can hang it anywhere all year long.


  1. Very cute! Love how you made it festive, but still usable all year long. Great photos, too!

  2. love the colours it reminds me of a margherita your wax stuff too

  3. This is just too cute! I wish I had the talent...
    I would love you to check my blog also (I'm @ wordpress, bloggers, Facebook and Twitter.

    Martha Ware Stylist

    1. Thanks - you can do it! I just followed you on Twitter :-)

  4. How pretty to add one to the top of a package so they can remember year long very pretty I used to use sequins long long ago but now that I am a BEADER I see so many possibilities :)


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