A blog hop for the Paint Chip Pals with a giveaway

Want to save the world from blah? Of course you do!

My creative crafty besties, Andrea and Cliff, have designed a collection of seven softies (aka plushies, stuffies, pillows) that look like paint chips. Each of the seven softies is a colorful character with his or her own personality, complete with a super cute name, individual style, and even a background story.

You have the opportunity to join the Paint Chip Pals fundraising campaign on Kickstarter...kick in a few bucks to help the Pals get from the prototype phase to the production stage, and you can get a Pal for keepsies.

The Pals are intended to inspire us to use color in our work, in our homes, in our lives. I am guilty of ignoring color. My wardrobe is mostly black. My home decor is mostly neutrals and darks. My creative work leans toward metallics and earth tones. So I stepped outside my comfort zone and made some brighter, more cheerful greeting cards inspired by these pals o' mine.

Click here to see how the other bloggers in the hop got psyched about color, and be sure to leave a comment here on my post and on the other posts in the hop for your chance to win a Paint Chip Pal of your very own!