national novel writing month

november has been deemed by the literary world as a time to write...and i'm going for it. i've always enjoyed writing in general, for both business and pleasure, but this will be my first time venturing into the land of the novel.

i joined nanowrimo for some motivation. their challenge is to write 50,000 words in this one month, without editing, just freeform writing...that's over 1660 words per day.

i have begun today so far with just under 400, with more thoughts swimming around in my head to noodle on and write down tonight. the nanowrimo site has word count tracking, online tools, and meet-ups to join other writers in your area. i'm hoping the whole process will be rather meditative. we'll see if i can keep up!

in the meantime, i wanted to share my re-do of my artist trading card wall in my studio. i took the handles off my atc trays and nestled the trays all together on the wall with velcro® brand sticky back™ tape. the whole grid measures 3 feet by 7 feet. it's 252 little bits of pure inspiration.

i just love the impact it has on me. this is the wall i face when i'm on the computer. not only is it a treasure trove of beauty, color and texture that i've collected over the last few years from over 200 talented artists and crafters around the world, it's like those people are right here with me, prompting my imagination. it also reminds me that for every one of these cards that i have, i made a card for someone else.

it's a creative collective energy wall...i just love it. i'm finding it's a great place to rest my eyes while i'm thinking about what to write, too.