stitching up an atc

the theme for my september online artist trading card swap was stitches.

i started with a piece of stiffened fabric and attached a little paint-stamped square of paper to it with a mini button brad.

then i hand-stitched inside the circle with embroidery floss and punched a few rectangles around it.

i used glue dots to adhere it to a gray backer card that i edged in black ink. it's on the way to emi!

here are the atcs from the other four women in the swap...

domo monster is by emi from puerto rico (mine!)

pink passion is by robbin from florida (sent to linda)

teal sunset is by linda from canada (sent to sandy)

red & white is by sandy from australia (sent to robbin)

quite the worldwide bunch of stitchers we are!

ps...i won't be hosting any more online swaps this year...but if anyone ever wants to swap with me directly, i'm game!