upcycle a wool sweater into a needlefelted pillow—an oldie but a goodie

i've been itching to work with wool some more (pun intended)...a few years ago i made this cute little sofa pillow for my mom, using a friend's wool sweater that had holes in it.

my friend knew better than to toss her husband's old sweater, but she also knew she'd not likely get around to trying needlefelting. so lucky me, i got the sweater!

i cut off the sleeves, neck, and bottom band...all just straight across, leaving the largest piece from the middle of the sweater in tact with its side seams; it was like a large tube. i needlefelted my pattern on to one side, stuffed it, and stitched it up on the top and bottom edges.

if you haven't tried needlefelting before, click here to watch one of my tutorials.