ink and spunbond

autumn is right around the corner...and i can't wait for those cool and crisp fall breezes.

i made this fiber art piece by painting spunbond with my favorite acrylic inks. i painted strips of different colors in criss-cross layers with a little water and a wide brush to create abstract window panes.

spunbond is a non-woven fabric that is commonly used for coveralls, surgical masks, and lots of other disposable or filtration products. it's not easy to find just in sheets or on bolts, but a small sheet comes inside this fiber art kit, or you could deconstruct something made from it.

spunbond is easy to stitch and glue, but it can be a bit unpredictable as inks soak into it. it's somewhat moisture-resistant, so some areas will grab the color more than other areas. but i don't mind, i just love the pin-hole texture! the leaf embellishment is a printed piece of lutradur on top of an inked piece of bamboo blend batting.

i was beyond thrilled to learn that my piece has been featured in five different autumn-themed etsy treasuries. there's so much beautiful handmade inspiration to see here—have a look (and a listen)!

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