podgeable sun-catcher

i really like these little plastic "podgeables" shapes - i used 4 together to make a sun-catcher. it's super easy to drill little holes in them for hanging.

for the crown at the top, i dabbed it with a bright yellow-green alcohol ink to give it a marbleized effect. then i outlined the edges with dimensional magic and glitter. the sun shines through this bright piece beautifully!

in the center, i used a blue alcohol ink to tint the flower shape and stamped it with a dotted circle pattern.

i used mod podge to adhere some glittery leaf paper to the circle shape and glued it to the center. the flower is outlined with a gold leaf pen.

i inked the key and then covered it with mod podge and dipped it into some blended blue and gold glitter and added a little bow to the top.

i bent decorative headpins with beads to make all the little hooks and added some bling - it's nice and light and it looks really cute and sparkly hanging in my window!